Replacing A Dripping Hose Bib With a Modern Outdoor Faucet

Replacing A Dripping Hose Bib With A Modern Outdoor Faucet

Replacing a dripping hose bib is has never been so fun.

In this video, I will be going through how I replaced my old traditional dripping, rusty, ugly hose bib.

I replaced it with a sleek, sexy modern outdoor faucet, sent by my friends at Aquor Water Systems.

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I just want to say a Big Thank Tou to Aquor for sending me this faucet.

Aquor Water System has a bunch of cool innovative faucets and accessories to suit any environment from residential to commercial to marine.

Each Faucet comes in a selection of sizes and colors to suit all your watering needs.

With just a simple 1/4 of a turn, you get an instant leak-free, rust-free water straight to your hose.

With the flush-fitting design, it keeps your exterior looking modern and makes winterizing your home a thing of the past.

If installed correctly the modern water faucet is designed to keep the plumbing in your house frozen free through those chilly winter months.

Things that were needed in the installation:

Tools That I Use:

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Replacing A Dripping Hose Bib With a Modern Outdoor Faucet

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