Modern woodwork dining room table made from hardwood oak

How To Build A Modern “Functional Art” Dining Room Table

In today’s video, I’m going to show you how I built this really simple perfectly round dining room table with a very interesting base.

Its a simple build that even the beginner woodworker could take on. For those of you who wants to know the specs of the base.

Each piece are identical to the others, all at 45″ in length and 3×3″ thick.

The cut out is dead centre, width of the material used and half the thickness. for example I’m using 3×3″ so my cut out was 3″wide by 11/2″ deep.

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How To Build A Modern “Functional Art” Dining Room Table


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A few things that I used in the making of this table.

Osmo Oil Finish

Figure 8 Attachments

Router bit

Dado Blade

Rubber Feet

Titebond 2 glue


Any questions let me know.

Tools That I Used:

Rigid Router

Festool Vacuum

Festool Sander

Dewalt Drills

Dewalt Laser Level

Dewalt Nail Gun

Tech Stuff :

Sony A6400

Memory Card

Camera Mic 


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