angel grinder safety guide

Angle Grinder Safety Guide

An angle grinder is the most useful tool for grinding, removing, cutting and polishing all sorts of materials like steel, concrete, tile or brick.

It has a powerful electric motor that spins at a very high velocity.

There are two types of disks used on an angle grinder, cutting disks and grinding disks. Cutting disks are much thinner when compared to grinding disks.

It is not advisable to use a cutting disk for grinding and a grinding disk for cutting. Also, it is crucial to check the expiry date on the label, before using a disk. Never use a disk after the expiry date.

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Here are some important tips that you need to know before using an angle grinder

1. Check if the side handle is screwed in tightly

2. Check if the vents are unblocked, so that the angle grinder can cool properly

3. Check the guard on the angle grinder, because the guard will protect you from the sparks and never use an angle grinder, without a guard.

4. Always unplug power tools before making any adjustment to the machine.

5. Setting the guard at 45 degrees can protect you from sparks coming backwards. The safety guard is an essential feature of an angle grinder.

When the disk is spinning at a high speed, it will throw sparks in your direction and the safety guard actually catches those sparks and will protect you from sparks. If the disk shatters, the guard will shield you and reflect everything downwards.

6. One of the most important pieces of a safety gear is goggles, because goggles protect your eyes from sparks. Goggles should be to the appropriate EN, BS or ANSI standard. You can also use a full face visor for complete protection.

7. When you are cutting a piece of concrete or a brick, it is important to use a nose mask/dust mask, as it will protect your lungs from dust.

8. Using ear plugs can protect your ears from the high level of noise generated by grinding.

9. When you are cutting steel, the edges could become very sharp, so it is recommended to wear leather gloves for protecting your hands from cuts

10. It’s a good idea to wear safety shoes, because safety shoes have steel inserted to the toe and it will highly protect your feet in case you drop something heavy on them.

11. It is recommended to wear a leather apron to protect your clothes from sparks

Before cutting, it is good to remove gas cylinders, saw dust and anything combustible from the workplace.

Also, having a fire extinguisher by your side will be a good safeguard. An angle grinder can work with various materials. By using it the right way, you can achieve favorable results.

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