Top tips to stay safe while woodworking. Safety tips for woodworkers

Top tips to stay safe while woodworking

As far as hobbies go woodworking is one of the most rewarding ones you could possibly do.

That is provided you take into account some of the basic safety tips/precautions that we cover in this article.

They are easy to remember and easy enough to implement in your workshop, so be sure to take notes as you read through this guide. There are so many different styles of woodworking from sawing, to chiseling and carving for art.

Because there are many types you need to remember that no one guide can cover all the points you need to remember for your particular case. These are just some of the safety basics that everyone should keep in mind while in the workshop.

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Top tips to stay safe while woodworking

Wear the appropriate safety gear

Although this point may seem rather obvious to you, you might be surprised at how many injuries are caused by something as simple as not wearing the right safety gear.

While using loud power tools like a bench grinder you will need hearing protection like these.

And of course, you will need safety glasses on whether you’re sawing through wood, or using a power tool like some kind of grinder.

What kind of safety gear is needed for your particular tool and application will differ a lot, so just go online and do some research before you use a new tool to check whether you need gloves, glasses or a hard hat etc.

Wear appropriate clothing

You should always wear clothes that fit well because if you wear baggy loose-fitting clothing it can get caught in spinning machinery causing you to be pulled into the tool.

This might not sound like a real risk but be assured that some people have sustained serious injuries due to wearing clothing that is too baggy. You also should remove and dangling jewelry and necklaces.

Also, if you have long hair you need to tie it up or cut it off before stepping inside the workshop.

Avoid drugs & alcohol while operating tools

You should avoid drugs, alcohol and in general anything that can make you sleepy while working inside the workshop. You should try to ensure that you’ve had enough sleep too, as being tired can lead to delayed reaction times resulting in muck ups that cause injuries.

If you’ve had any alcohol, even just a single glass of beer, be sure that you allow time to sober up before touching a power tool or picking up a hand saw.

Keep your tools sharp

You should never use a dull or blunt blade on your saw, or any type of tool. Having dull tools means that you have to work harder physically to achieve the same result.

This can cause tools to bind, and kick resulting in serious injury. Sharpening your drill bits and hand saw blades before every use will mitigate this risk.

Switch the power off

Before you change blades or drill bits, as a safety measure you should always switch off the power first. If you forget and leave the power switched on you may accidentally turn on the tool.

This can result in a painful injury, so that’s a good reason to keep this tip in mind.

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