Best Leather Carpenters Tool Belt With Suspenders (2021 Reviews)

You don’t want to waste your time every day organizing your tools into your work bag, do you? Organizing tools requires finding the tools, keeping them in the bag and finally using them – all of which takes up a massive chunk of your day. So if you work as a carpenter (or doing any job using tools) often, you’re much better off using a tool belt to organize and store your tools. There’s a lot of different carpenters tool belts on the market, but we’ve taken the time to gather only the best.

Top 5 Carpenters Tool Belts – Quick Overview

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1. Gatorback B145 Carpenters Triple Combo Tool Belt

It gets frustrating when you can’t find things you need around the house. Even if you have a certain place for keeping things, you still might lose it. Finding things becomes more difficult if the usual whereabouts of the item isn’t really usual. If you’re a carpenter and require a ton of small and big tools time to time, then in order to keep them organized, Gatorback B145 Belt is your go-to. This belt can become the permanent carrier of your tools. The moment you need something, you know where to look. To top things off, the belt comes with lots of pockets to keep everything well-organized. The main problem with belts is the size. Of course, they’d fit around your waist and stay on you for a while. But they tend to falter after some time. With Gatorback, you don’t have to worry about accurate sizes as they confirm yours before purchasing. If it doesn’t fit, you can trade it for a new one with zero charges. That’s customer service.

With such tool belts, comfort is one of the main concerns. The question arises – can you work for hours wearing such a belt? Does it hinder the air flow? If yes, then these will annoy and exhaust you.
Luckily, this belt doesn’t do any of that. It’s made with heavy-duty 1250 Duratek Nylon. It’s breathable and comes with pads that are soft on your skin. So comfort is your guarantee with this. However, a few customers complained the texture being somewhat rough on the skin. These cases are rare, so check if it’s a problem for you too.

Now – let’s talk about pockets. This belt is crammed with them. It comes with pockets on three sides and all have their purposes – holding carpenter tools.
The central pouch can carry big things as it’s a single pouch with 8-inch depth. The right pocket has several pouches to carry carpenter tools. Also, the left pouch has several big and small pockets to keep things organized.
The potential problem with the pockets is – the bigger ones seem too big, while the smaller ones too small. In fact, the pen pockets might not be thick enough to hold a pen. Overall a list of the best carpenters tool belts would not be complete without the Gatorback. While the belt looks as good as it functions, the stitches might not be strong enough and may give away to pressure.

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• Many pockets in the pouches to keep things organized
• Looks very stylish
• Comfortable to wear
• Very breathable and sweat-resistant
• Good quality materials build
• Accurate size

• Big pockets are too big and small ones too small
• The stitch quality isn’t the best
• The texture may be rough on the skin
• Somewhat expensive


2. MagnoGrip 203-017 Magnetic Carpenter’s Tool Belt.

You never know where you’ve to climb and fix things around a house. So it’s best to have both your hands free because broken bones are way harder to fix. Luckily, the MagnoGrip 203-017 Magnetic Carpenter’s tool belt serves like the wife holding the ladder and supplying you with tools.

You know the tool belt is good when it’s compared to a wife. In fact, it’s very easy to access. In order to free your hands, you’ve to know where each tool is and how easily you can get them. This tool belt makes it simple and easy.
In fact, it’s got twelve pockets, each with a design to hold the different types of tools perfectly. So you’ll know exactly where to place your hands to find what you need without even looking down. Except that, the magnet feature is this belt’s key attraction.

Thanks to the magnetic nail points, you don’t have to rummage through to find the small devils. Just a bit of force and you can grab them. This tool belt’s design is one of the best because it makes things very convenient for the carpenter.
Now – how durable is the tool belt? VERY durable. Except the high-quality robust material, it has strong stitches keeping it together. Rarely its stitches came apart – someone must’ve wrestled with it to tear it apart.
It’s made from double-layered 1680D ballistic polyester. The material is strong and breathable. Wearing it is a lot like wearing a cloth. So it needs to be comfortable.

Luckily, this MagnoGrip tool belt is super comfortable because of its breathability. You can wear it the whole day without getting tired. Plus, it distributes the weight around your waist really well. So, you won’t end up with a bad, aching side.
Other than that, the belt size is pretty accurate and will serve you well even when it gets heavy. It won’t slide down. However, it’s best if you do a detailed consultation with the customer service before making the purchase regarding your size.
If you’re looking for an affordable belt lasting years and making things super convenient, this just might be your thing.

• Excellent value for the price
• Very organized with twelve pockets
• The magnetic nail point is a game-changer
• Very easy and convenient to use
• The size tends to fit well
• Breathable and is very comfortable to wear
• Never slides down
• Made from good quality materials
• Well-built with strong stitches
• Very durable

• The magnets may cause trouble at times
• No designated space for a few bigger tools



3. Occidental Leather 9855 Adjust-to-Fit Fat

In winter, you wear bulky pants and jacket, while in summer, you keep your clothes super light. If you have the same carpenter’s belt in both the seasons, it just might not fit. That’s where the Occidental Leather 9855 comes in.
It comes with a super adjustable belt you can easily fit around all your clothes. And adjustability and good-fit for belts is super essential. You simply don’t want the belt sliding off while doing something crucial standing on a ladder.
Most people don’t like the belt being heavy, however, that’s a minor issue. You can find D-rings with this to make things way easier.

While the D-rings’ quality isn’t the best, it’s very helpful when you want the belt suspended. Luckily, suspending the belt helps resolve the weight issue by distributing it. However, you’d have to spend extra to use suspension.
The belt isn’t heavy for no good reason. The quality of it is really good and that’s exactly why it’s heavy. The belt has high-density neoprene, rugged commercial nylon in the build. While it’s not fully made from leather- it does have a good amount of leather in the build giving it a classy look.

The main thing about the belt that signaling you the convenient are the pouches and pockets. It’s well-designed for a specific use. You’ll find twenty-four designated pockets to hold your tools.
The problem with the design is – you can only keep a few known tools in the space for them. The belt isn’t made for the heavier, unique, new tools. Other than that, the pockets don’t at all lack space. In fact, you might get irritated searching for smaller tools in the bottom pockets.

As mentioned before, the belt looks and feels great. Costs a bit more than the average, so you might have to save some money. However, due to its durable and aesthetic build, the bigger price is worth it.

• Suitable for any season
• Quite comfortable to wear
• Looks amazing with the leather parts
• Well-built with the best materials for the type of belt
• Many pockets keep tools completely organized
• D-rings make suspension a good option
• Adjustable waist

• A bit heavy
• Quite expensive
• The quality of the D-rings isn’t the best
• No space for different kinds of tools



4. CLC Custom Leathercraft 1614 20 Pocket Comfortlift Combo Tool Belt System.

When you’ve to work all day with a belt around your waist, you want it as comfortable as possible. Luckily, this CLC belt contains everything to make everything comfortable for you. It makes working convenient for various professions too.
You can adjust the belt to fit your waist size. If you have a size between 29 to 46 inches, it will fit you. Plus, the three-inches padding in this belt makes it super comfortable for you.

Moreover, you can deal with the weight easily because it comes with adjustable suspenders distributing the weight throughout your body without causing stress at a single point. Also, it secures the belt big time so you can easily complete tasks requiring you both hands.
However, a few customers complained the waist size being too large. If you’ve got a larger and taller body, this belt is your go-to.

As for the pockets, there are plenty, each with a ton of space inside them. You’ll find 6 large pockets with 13 extra sleeves – sounds good, doesn’t it? What’s more, you can keep everything nicely organized and you’d know where to look whenever you need something.
However, bigger pockets are often too big. When bending over or moving a bit fast, tools might fall out of the larger pockets. What’s more, if you keep something smaller in bigger pockets, it simply gets lost.
So you’ve to look around a bit to find it and it can be super inconvenient when both your hands are engaged.
In terms of quality, you can swear by this belt. The antique brass-finish makes it look super nice. So you can go to work completely prepared, and look amazing the whole day.

Except that, you get this efficient belt at a very affordable price. Even if it was a horrible choice (which it’s not), the price alone would make you love it. Unless you’re extremely unlucky, you’d get a completely fine belt lasting for years.
Cleaning and maintaining this belt isn’t tough either. However, choose your belt size carefully because many people complained the size not being accurate.
Checking it thoroughly before ordering will make you love it.

• Well-padded and comfortable
• Fits wide-ranging people
• Looks great with a unique finish
• Many pockets keep things organized
• Combination of small and large pockets make it versatile enough to carry various types of tools
• Very budget-friendly
• Good quality build
• Distributes weight evenly

• Might be suitable for people with larger frames
• The size may not be always accurate
• Larger pockets spill things out at times



5. DEWALT DG5617 20-Pocket Pro Framer’s Combo Apron Tool Belt

Want to carry your tools in the most organized way? Then the DEWALT DG5617 belt is your go-to.
It contains twenty various pockets – big ones, small ones, pockets with zips, sleeves, and so forth. Whichever tool you use, this belt can accommodate it. That said, you might not be able to keep a few bigger tools as comfortably as you’d want.

This isn’t due to the lack of space but proper contouring. At times, the larger pockets might spill their contents. Except this, if your tools are well-suited for the belt design, the pockets are its best feature.
There’s a pocket to store your phone, but it’s too small. It won’t fit the bigger sized smartphones in vogue today.
When it comes to the fit, the belt is pretty adjustable – it fits from 29 inches to 46 inches of waist sizes. So, you can have your pick easily.

Plus, the belt is five inches padded. And the suspenders can distribute your belt weight evenly across your upper body. That said, the suspender isn’t always the easiest to slip into.
And it might not be the most comfortable either. There’s mesh in the build and it makes the belt pretty breathable and comfortable. However, there are rough parts. Because of the various materials, plastic used in the build might be bad for your skin.

Some people complained their thighs getting hurt because of the coarse of the belt. But that’s rare, so you can check your belt texture before purchasing.

Plus, it’s built with neoprene and some parts with leather. Many customers reported it would feel even better if it was made with more leather. Also, the belt looks very lively with a few bright colors on its black body.
In terms of price, this belt is a great bang for the buck. It costs average but packs a ton of functionality and quality. There might be some parts like the D-rings and some others containing plastic and might not last long.
However, it lasts long in most cases, so you can count on that.

• Keeps tool very organized
• Various types of pockets
• Very spacious
• Quality build with quality materials
• The best itself is very comfortable
• The suspenders distribute weight well
• Pretty reasonable price

• A few tools might spill out
• Phone pocket doesn’t fit the bigger modern phones
• The texture might be somewhat rough on the skin
• The suspender might be hard to fit
• Contains some cheap parts




These tool belts don’t just keep things organized. They make it easy to carry them as well. These make you feel light and stylish while working. So considering your budget, your needs, and your tools, you should be able to find the best tool belt for your personal needs in one of the options on our list above. Although we’ve written this guide primarily for carpenters, these tools belts are great for any type of handyman with tools to store.

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