Best Hand Saw - Top Picks

Best Hand Saw – Top Picks For 2021

Below we take a look at our top 6 favorite best hand saw options for woodworking and cutting wood in general.

These reviews are aimed at making your buying decision easier, by elucidating all of the key points you need to consider to make sure you buy the right hand saw for your needs.

I find this one to be the best hand saw overall. This guide is created to help you find the ideal hand saw for your needs, and your budget. Read on to go over all the details you must consider before you buy.

The best hand saw will be durable and last a long time while still keeping its teeth sharp. It will also be made from high-quality carbon steel ensuring that it is rigid enough, although it should still have some flex in it.

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There are a lot of good options out there. Which one is right for you will depend on what your budget is, and also whether you want a very high-quality saw, or just one good enough to get the job done.

We have put together this hand saw buying guide so that you can make an informed purchase, and ensure you pick the right hand saw for your situation.

Generally, a hand saw will be used instead of using power tools whenever you need a level of precision that simply can’t be achieved with a power tool. Or it may be that a hand tool is simply more suitable to the job at hand.

There’s a huge different variety out there, and whatever your reason is for wanting one our goal is to help you find the right one for whatever projects you are working on. Before you make the choice to buy, take a look at some of our carefully selected top picks below.

Best Hand Saw – Top 7 Picks

#1 Stanley 20-045 15-Inch Fat Max Hand Saw

This model is our top pick for a good reason. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for an extremely high-quality tool. It is also very easy on the budget.

This 15 inch saw cuts 50% faster than regular saws using “SharpTooth” technology, not only that but the teeth will remain sharp for up to 5 times longer than a conventional saw thanks to the fact that the teeth are induction hardened.

It features an ergonomically designed grip, which is made specifically to reduce slippage and add comfort. The blade featured on this saw is up to 15% thicker than that on a regular model, the purpose of this is so that it reduces binding – making your job much easier.

This model conveniently features the ability to mark 45 degree and 90 degree angles for faster and easier measuring on the go. Overall this is a great product, it won’t break the bank, and will easily do any cutting you require.


#2 IRWIN Tools Universal Handsaw, 20-Inch

When you’re looking for a tool, whatever task it may be for, IRWIN is a reputable brand known to make extremely high-quality products. Because of the triple-ground teeth feature this saw cuts up to 3 times faster than regular handsaws.

The nose of this model is on a tapered pitch which adds stability and enhances clearance. The grip is highly ergonomic, as it is made from high-density resin and molded into the ideal shape to reduce hand fatigue during use.

Due to the blade design, this tool delivers a very efficient cut, allowing for full strokes, while reducing binding. In terms of quality, this is another great option.

#3 Stanley 20-065 26-Inch, 12 Points Per Inch ShortCut Hand Saw

Another great saw from the Stanley selection, sure to be a great addition to your workshop. This saw is ideal for cutting through all kinds of different materials.

This model features induction hardened teeth. So that means you can rely on it to stay sharp for up to 5 times longer than standard teeth.

The handle is made out of an aesthetically pleasing hardwood, also reasonably ergonomic to grip. The Stanley 3-sided tooth design allows for cutting wood 50 percent faster than you’re conventionally able to. This is a pretty impressive all-round choice, it also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

#4 GreatNeck N2610 26 Inch Hand Saw

This N2610 Hand Saw from GreatNeck is a very fine hand saw indeed, maybe the best hand saw for woodworking. This saw is made with a great attention to detail, and it really does show when you take a close look.

The handle is crafted from aesthetically pleasing weather-resistant stained hardwood – so it looks beautiful. As well as looking good, it’s actually designed really well too, and is incredibly ergonomic. One downside of a hardwood handle is that there is a little more weight (hardly a noticeable amount).

As mentioned earlier, it is very important that the teeth on the saw blade are made from high-quality steel. In this regard the N2610 does very well, as the blades are made of high carbon steel, ensuring teeth stay sharp for a good length of time.

This hand saw can cut through wood with ease thanks to its 10 TPI (teeth per inch) 26 inch long blade, making it a great option for builders and other people requiring a high-end hand saw.

Although this saw would be great in any professional’s arsenal it is also perfectly suitable and well priced for the everyday DIY enthusiast.

#5 Shark 15 inch Carpentry Saw


The Shark 15 inch Carpentry saw is a unique design styled after the Japanese Kataba saw. It has a pull stroke rather than push (which is what regular hand saws tend to have). The pulling stroke design provides cuts with more accuracy, and less binding/getting stuck in dense wood. This makes it possibly the best hand saw for cutting wood.

The handle is also quite a unique design compared to regular hand saws – it is like a pistol grip.

These are great all-around for any form of woodworking and even DIYers. The teeth are sharp and constructed out of high-quality steel so they should endure plenty of tough use. This saw also comes with a one-year warranty so you can rest assured that this is a decent saw.

#6 DEWALT 20-Inch Standard Panel Hand Saw

This 20-inch hand saw from DeWalt ticks all the right boxes if you’re looking for a good reliable handsaw that doesn’t break the bank! It has a special design with 3 cutting surfaces with allows it to cut through wood at a rate 50% faster than regular hand saws. This offering from DeWalt is surely one of the best hand saws for woodworking.

The unique cutting design is based on the teeth having a 3-sided geometry, they’re also made from high-quality steel which is induction hardened.

So, you can be fairly certain the teeth of this saw will stay sharp for a long time. They also resist from being damaged when you accidentally hit a nail while sawing through some old wood.

This great little saw from dewalt is also coated in a low friction material called ToughCoat which makes the blade slide more easily through wood, without so much binding as other saws tend to have.

#7 WilFiks 16 Inch Pro Hand Saw

As with any decent hand saw, this one has a durable construction. The teeth are induction hardened to stay sharp for 5 times longer than most regular teeth, and make quick and clean cuts.

The blade is secured very rigidly to the handle which is a great safety feature. The blade is also rigid, yet it still has enough flex in it for everyday use. If you’re going to be using a tool for hours on end you need it to be designed with ergonomics in mind.

Thankfully the WilFiks 16″ hand saw is extra ergonomic in design. The grip is made to resist slipping and be comfortable.

The size of the handle is perfect for any hand size and is made to produce the perfect cutting angle. As mentioned before, this saw is great for making quick cuts. This is because the design of the teeth makes it cut on both push and pull strokes. It has an impressive 9 Teeth Per inch.

If you’re a carpenter or builder you probably know that using a very heavy hand saw actually becomes quite tiresome.

So, it’s a good idea to have a hand saw which isn’t too heavy so you can use it for extended periods of time.

Thankfully with the WilFiks Pro Hand saw, it only weighs in at 13.6 ounces, so it’s pretty lightweight. Overall this is a good choice, maybe even the best hand saw for all-around DIY use.


The different types of saws

the best hand saw image

Hand saws

These are the type of saws that come to mind for most of us when we hear the word “handsaw”. They’re an incredibly popular tool even among amateurs and everyday Joe’s. This style is mostly used for cutting through pieces of wooden boards.

They’re also used for cutting through panels, and bits of logs – even wooden branches around the garden. you can see they’re a versatile tool, and a worthwhile investment.

All the best hand saws from well-known manufacturers like Irwin should last you a lifetime of heavy use if looked after properly (except perhaps if you’re using it in a professional setting like as a builder). For builders using these tools one of the very important things to be aware of is that the steel the teeth are made from matters. High-quality steel means that the teeth stay sharp for a long time and that ends up saving you a lot of energy


The hacksaw is a versatile tool used for a slightly different type of cutting. Some of its uses include the ability to cut through metal like steel and aluminum. The design of a hacksaw consists of a frame in the shape of a large “U”, which the blade is locked into.

When the blade is worn out you can simply remove it from the frame to replace it with a new one. This feature it makes these style of saws have a very long life span, you can’t really break the handle, and the blades are easily replaceable.

Coping saw

Usually, a coping saw is used for intricate work where you need a high level of precision. The design of a coping saw is quite similar to that of a hacksaw, but it’s noticeably smaller in size. The blade is generally more able to be adjusted to suit the task at hand.

This is why this is an ideal option if your work requires a high degree of accuracy. The best coping saw can make precise and accurate cuts with ease, thanks to its high tension blade.

Razor saw

A razor saw is a type of saw that has many more teeth along the blade. It is a great companion for craftspeople, model builders, DIYers and woodworkers alike. While the blade is shallower than others, it has a straight handle out the end of the blade.

For most people, unless you fit into a particular niche this isn’t the type of hand saw you would need.

Best Hand Saw – Top Picks Conclusion

The hand saw is a great addition to any workshop or garage. Unlike other types of saws it doesn’t require any kind of power source to operate. All you need is a little bit of elbow grease to use it.

Because there are a lot of different choices when it comes to choosing a handsaw, be sure that you carefully consider the pros and cons we have listed above.

Not all saws are built equal. Your frequency of use is an important factor to consider as well, considering if you only use it infrequently you might opt for a cheaper model. We hope that you have found our guide useful for picking the best hand saw for your needs.

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