WEN 4208 Review

The WEN 4208 may be perfect for you, if you are browsing for a capable yet compact drill press for your garage or workshop that has all the features of a top end machine at an affordable price. For the price, the quality and performance of the WEN 4208 is unbeatable.


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  • Powerful 5-speed, able to handle all of your different materials and situations, it can also handle various different sizes/thicknesses.
  • It’s a great entry level option which is at a very affordable price, but doesn’t compromise on quality and performance.
  • Easy and smooth to operate even for a beginner, it can also be easily adjusted to suit different projects.
  • Well rated by consumer reviews, WEN is a popular and trusted brand.



  • For some larger objects the WEN 4208 may not be able to accommodate, but this is rarely the case for your average DIY or professional.


Notable Features:

  •  The WEN 4208 is so versatile because of its 5 adjustable speed settings from 740 RPM – 3140 RPM which allows you to select the appropriate speed settings for whatever material you may be wanting to drill whether it be wood, metal, etc. Its motor is also 1/3 HP providing ample amounts of torque.
  •  It has a very robust construction and rigid frame design ensuring a high degree of accuracy when drilling, and a long life span so you can drill with it at home or in your workshop for years to come.
  • Unlike some other machines it is reasonably quiet which allows for a calmer, safer work environment.



  •  5 different speed settings: 740, 1100, 1530, 2100, 3140 RPM
  •  Spindle travels up to 2 inches
  •  1/3 HP induction motor
  • Locking depth stops for repeatable drilling operations
  • 6-1/2 x 6-1/2″ worktable with adjustable height, bevels up to 45 degrees left and right


How this drill press feels:

The design of this product from WEN is very sleek and smooth. Like most of the power tools we review it clearly looks like a high quality machine. And it is painted an attractive orange and black.
Being an 8-inch size DP it is both versatile enough for most jobs, and portable enough to take from your workshop right to the job. It weighs only about 33 pounds so carting it around is easy enough. Assembly is a breeze, even for beginners, since it also comes with a detailed instruction manual.
With this purchase you will be set to get to work on your projects right away, whether you’re a novice or pro… everything you need to start out is included.


Here’s a cool video of the WEN 4208 being setup and used:



This high quality product from WEN is a great bet for either the home/garage or the professional workshop.
Whether you’re an expert or a beginner you will have no trouble at all getting straight into business with the WEN 4208, as it’s a breeze to use. It’s hard to overlook this DP because it’s so well priced and yet carries all the great features and is versatile enough for almost all materials. as well as having a build quality that’s sure to satisfy even the professionals. To compare this drill press to some others, check out our drill press reviews.

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