Top 7 Best Miter Saw Blade Reviews

Top 7 Best Miter Saw Blade Reviews

In this article, we have put together detailed information about the best miter saw blades for you.

Also, we have listed the current bestseller list, additional sources, and relevant information below. Our recommendation is based on tons of research so that we can make sure you get the right option and don’t waste your money.

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What is the best miter saw blade for your money? We ranked the CRAFTSMAN CMAS210CMB Miter Saw Blade as our #1 top pick. Read on for more details!

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Best Miter Saw Blades – Our Top Picks in 2021

#1 Best Miter Saw Blade Overall – CRAFTSMAN CMAS210CMB Miter Saw Blade

CRAFTSMAN CMAS210CMB is 10 inches in diameter for a cutting capacity ranging from 65 to 66mm. They designed it for cutting solid wood, panels, or even melamine. CRAFTSMAN CMAS210CMB is a multifunction blade that you can count on all times. They make it out of carbide that is versatile and robust.

With its 54 teeth, this material is suitable for many jobs. It will hold up well for intensive, even professional use. Besides, this component is compatible with all brands of circular saws available on the market that makes it more attractive.

This product is a perfect tool for cutting solid materials. If you are wondering which brand of the best miter saw to go for, then try this CRAFTSMAN CMAS210CMB .


  • Can cut all materials, even the most robust ones
  • Cutting capacity between 65 and 66cm
  • Strong and is suitable for heavy use


  • According to the opinions of some people who have been able to test this tool, the teeth are not balanced and can cause accidents.

Verdict: According to the test performed on this blade, CRAFTSMAN CMAS210CMB  can be used with all brands of saws that you will find on the market.        

#2 Best Miter Saw Blade for Fine Cuts – DEWALT DW3128P5 Miter Saw Blades

DEWALT DW3128P5 is available in two categories: the first comes with 32 teeth and the second with 80 teeth. We dedicate the first to a regular frequency of work. As for the 80-tooth one, it is ideal for professional and intensive work.

Made of hardened steel and with beveled teeth, these two versions are both strong and resistant. They can therefore treat several types of materials such as light or solid wood or melamine. The cut will be precise and clean, even on laminate.


  • Available in 32 teeth for occasional operations and 80 teeth for heavy use
  • Offers precise cuts for whatever materials you are processing
  • This product is the cheapest in its category


  • This blade vibrates intensely and causes traces of cuts that are not pleasant to see.

Verdict: If you are looking for the best performing miter saw blade for fine cuts, then you will be interested in this model. It can perform many cutting jobs while being precise.

#3 Best 10-Inch Miter Saw Blade – DEWALT DW3106P5 10-Inch Miter Saw Blades

With its diameter of 10 inches, DEWALT DW3106P5 saw blade can cut materials up to 80mm thick. It will allow you to work more comfortably and safely. These blades are strong and are not likely to break in a few uses.

Thanks to its 40 drilling teeth, this component will accompany you during your daily achievements: roughing, cutting, or only sample cutting for fast and efficient work. Despite its lightness of 120g, it easily offers clean and precise cuts.

To know which miter saw blade saw to choose, then nothing beats an unhurried study of its characteristics. In this way, you will avoid wasting in a non-performing model. In your comparison, do not forget to include this model from DEWALT that seems to have it all.


  • Displays great strength
  • Withstand heavy use and can even cut materials up to 80cm thick
  • Easy maintenance


  • Some people who ordered this product received rusty blades. They consider it to be because of a bad storage system.

Verdict: The cut quality of DEWALT DW3106P5 is remarkable and of outstanding quality. To ensure its durability, it will be necessary to maintain this jewel as often as possible. To do this, clean it after each use with degreasing and non-corrosive products.

#4 Best Miter Saw Blade for Hardwood – Freud D1280X Diablo Saw Blade

Freud D1280X has been appreciated by several users on the net, both for the excellent quality to price ratio and during the test on wood and other materials.

The presence of many teeth, 60 allows you to work the material without burrs, with care and cleaning that does not disappoint lovers of tailor-made and flawless processing.

Recommended for finishing cuts, it has proved to be a good working company even for those who have used it intensively and continuously.


  • Can process all materials
  • Reasonable price
  • High efficiency and durability


  • Easy to loosen when processing hard materials

Verdict: We should make a separate discussion about the machine that is mounted easily. But it has all the credentials to be considered among the best miter saw blades of 2021.

#5 Best Miter Saw Blade for SoftWood – Freud LU91R012 Miter Saw Blade

Great versatility characterizes the Freud LU91R012 blade that allows people who mount it to work without excessive effort not only on wood but also on materials such as plasterboard and ventilated concrete. The competitive price has prompted several users to allow it to compete with other products.

The wood finish remains at good levels, with precise cuts on softwoods and excellent results even on more leathery materials. Users appreciated the inclusion of three gearboxes in the package to expand the catchment area and the possibility of adapting the blade to other circular saws and miter saws.


  • Easy to use and operate with less effort
  • Can process not only wood but also other materials
  • Durable and productive


  • Expensive

Verdict: The number of teeth of Freud LU91R012 reaches the figure of 80, also the assembly and replacement is very easy.

#6 Best Miter Saw Blade for Heavy-Duty Jobs – Freud LU77M010 Saw Blade

The Freud LU77M010 blade has 48 teeth. It is a number that makes it particularly suitable for processes where precision is the priority and does not involve any deburring. It satisfied users who tried it with the purchase. Comparing the results with the affordable investment, many users express positive opinions on Freud LU77M010.

The material is tungsten carbide with a hole diameter of 30 mm. It comes with a good seal, even after prolonged use that makes it an ideal product for occasional jobs and daily administration operations on different wood.


  • Easy to use and operate with many miter machines
  • Affordable price with high efficiency
  • A vast amount of teeth


  • Noisy vibration

Verdict: The price of Freud LU77M010 is on the average of the product and well-proportioned to the quality of the performance it guarantees.

#7 Best Thin Kerf Miter Saw Blade – Overpeak ATB Saw Blades

This miter saw blade from Overpeak can be used universally for a variety of materials. It is a 50 × 10 mm plunge-cut saw blade with 24 teeth. The cutting width is 1.9 mm, the cutting depth 15mm.

The blade fits many common saws from Bosch, Makita, and Einhell. It ensures tear-free cut edges, even under high loads. The miter saw blade also comes with high-quality hard metal.


  • High durability and productivity
  • High sharpness
  • High compatibility with other brands


  • Small size

Verdict: Overpeak ATB Saw Blades are a hand-held miter saw blade that is suitable for working with wood, especially softwood, hardwood, plywood, blockboard, parquet, fiber materials, and MDF.

Features to Consider When Choosing a Miter Saw Blade

miter saw blade cutting through wood

Blade Material

Materials such as plastics, non-ferrous metals, and light alloys cannot be cut with just any blade. Often, the miter saw blade is made of hardened steel and is equipped with a good deal of tungsten carbide teeth for a precise cut.

The blade has a negative angle of attack to minimize the risk of projections. Typically, these blades are referred to as multi-material blades.

Blade Size

A blade is a toothed metal disc with a hole in the center called a bore. Through this hole, we fix the blade to the saw. You can choose a blade with a larger bore diameter than the saw.

They mount it with an adapter ring and that the diameter of the bore is at least 5mm less than the flange that fixes the blade to the blade. It is for security reasons.

It is necessary to choose a blade whose diameter does not exceed the maximum diameter of the blades that can be mounted on your miter saw.

Choosing a slightly smaller blade is not dangerous, you will simply have a smaller maximum depth of cut. If in doubt, read the instructions for your saw or check its dimensions on the already mounted blade.

Tooth Count

A blade has teeth that cut. A blade with large-spaced teeth allows you to cut wood along the grain. It involves cutting solid wood in the grain’s direction. The large spacing between the teeth allows for fast chip evacuation.

Conversely, smaller teeth allow for a better finish, particularly when making cuts across the fibers. Here, the cutting speed will be lower.


Straight teeth and teeth whose upper face is both beveled on the right and the left follow each other over the entire blade.

The trapezoidal teeth outline the cut while the straight teeth finish it. Finally, a reduced angle of attack reduces fiber tearing. All these features make these blades intended for finishing.

Commonly Asked Questions About Buying A Miter Saw Blade

How do I choose a miter saw blade?

The miter blade saw is your best ally for interior renovation. However, it is worth nothing without quality blades. If you want to know how to choose a good carbide blade for cutting wood, pay attention to these important features.

  • – Diameter
  • – Number of teeth
  • – Kerf
  • – Type of teeth
  • – Materials

Are more teeth on a saw blade better?

What you need to understand is that it is not so much the number of teeth that matter. It is always specified for each blade whether it is a roughing, finishing, or universal blade.

How many teeth should a miter saw blade have?

A 130mm blade that has 24 teeth has a pitch equivalent to a 260mm blade with 48 teeth.

When should I change my miter saw blade?

It is very easy to tell whether a saw blade has become blunt. You need to change the blade when you will use excessive force while sawing and press it into the workpiece to get a removal.

Final Words

Working wood in its forms and variants is a pleasure for those who have made it a profession, or for those who also experience it as a pleasant hobby.

If you want to add precision and versatility to your operations, having a tool like a miter saw can be the next step. But you need to find a good miter saw blade to go with it.

CRAFTSMAN CMAS210CMB Miter Saw Blade is the best miter saw blade for its excellent performance and high productivity with sharp teeth and compact size. If you need a heavy-duty blade, Freud LU77M010 Saw Blade is an alternative.

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