SKIL 3320-01 Review

The SKIL 3320-01 is a high quality and high precision machine. When ordinary doesn’t make the cut in terms of accuracy and precision that is when you need something like the 10-inch 3.2 amp SKIL 3320 drill press. To see if this is the best drill press for you, continue on through our detailed “Pros and Cons” list.


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  • It comes with an X-2 2-Beam laser guiding system for making precision hole alignment easily and reliably. this is a unique feature and makes this tool a real bargain.
  • Comes with straightforward, easy to manage setup and assembly instructions. So it will be understandable for even complete novices.
  • this tool can make holes in all sorts of materials thanks to it having 5-speed settings, that are easily adjustable which range from 570 through to 1050 RPM.
  • It features an adjustable depth stop. this feature is great for making accurate measurements as well as doing repetitive drilling processes, so using this will certainly save you plenty of time and effort.



  • The quality and affordability of this product makes it very hard to fault. However, some people might complain about the laser guiding system on the skil 3320 relying on AA batteries to power it which will need replaced every now and then. Luckily this is not hard to do at all. (the AA batteries are also included)


Other Notable Features:

  • The work table on the SKIL 3320-01 model is able to tilt from zero to 45 degrees left or right, which is a major bonus and means it can accommodate a good variety of situations with whatever material you may be working with.



  • powerful 3.2 amp 120V motor
  • 5 different RPM speed settings: 570 – 1050
  • 1/2 inch Chuck size
  • includes locking depths stops
  • 7-5/8 inch work table, tilts 0-45 degrees


What does the SKIL 3320-01 feel like:

It is reasonably sleek looking, although its look lack the smooth modern touch of the WEN 4208 DP. But don’t let that deceive you because it is in fact very high-tech with a laser guiding system etc.
It’s very smooth to operate and absolutely precise in its drilling ability.



The 3320-01 from SKIL will not disappoint either at home or in a professionals workshop. And you can definitely even count on this great tool for larger scale projects like furniture etc.
because it’s a cinch to operate, easy to use and assemble I can certainly say this offers value for money. It is also a uniquely feature rich drill press with all the bells and whistles you could possibly want. Also importantly consumers agree that this is a hardy and durable piece of equipment so you can rely on it to do your drilling without dying.


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