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Best Reciprocating Saw Reviews and Buying Guide (2021)

What is the best reciprocating saw on the market? A good reciprocating saw is fundamental for all hobbyists who enjoy cutting work at home, just as it is essential for professionals out in the field.

The best reciprocating saw should be efficient, light and compact. But above all, it should be versatile. I found this one to be the best overall. Ideally, this stool allows you to perform many chores at home and work with many different materials.

But finding the best reciprocating saw when there are so many options on the market is complicated.

I’ve selected the five best reciprocating saws of 2021, and created a comprehensive buying guide to answer all your questions. All you have to do is keep reading.

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a DEWALT reciprocating saw

Best Reciprocating Saw Reviews

Best Overall: Bosch GSA18V-083B Reciprocating Saw

The Bosch GSA18V-083B reciprocating saw is a tool capable of cutting wood of various thicknesses, as well as metal. Furthermore, it can also cut many other materials.

Depending on the application, the saw can separate large metal sheets easily. During its use, its independently operated mechanisms also facilitate the execution of the toughest tasks.

The blade change system of this saw is extremely simple. In the package, there is a blade for wood and one for metal. The handle is stable and non-slip, so the tool grips quickly and easily, even after hours of work.

And it comes with a decent price even for a limited budget.  All ranges of customers can purchase this unit and operate it easily with the least amount of effort. All the amazing features will please you during your work, and give the best results. That’s why it is our best choice, coming in at spot #1 on our list.


  • Compact and ergonomic design
  • Carrying case included
  • LED illumination


  • Not the cheapest option

Best Design: BLACK+DECKER BDCR20B Reciprocating Saw

The BLACK+DECKER reciprocating saw, designed for hobby and DIY use, is on the market at a reasonably low price. It is useful at home, on the construction site, and in the workshop. It is convenient to use anywhere, without a power outlet, thanks to the absence of a cable.

The maximum initial battery voltage is quite powerful, even if compared to the counterparts with an electric cable, it loses just a little in power while operating. For DIY lovers, it is more than enough. The backing pad is adjustable so that the use of the blade can be optimal.

The design also offers an ergonomic and non-slip handle, with a weight that is anything but excessive. It can also be used for several hours of work, without much effort.

The replacement of the blade is fast and straightforward, as well as being an operation to be done in complete safety.


  • Maximum maneuverability
  • Easy to use and store
  • Quick blade replacement
  • Versatile and flexible in functions


  • No battery replacement included

Best for DIY Work: Bosch RS325 Reciprocating Saw

If you are looking for a reciprocating saw with high power, but at a low price, this Bosch RS325 model could be attractive to you. It is an appliance equipped with a 120-volt motor.

It can be used both at home and in the workshop and is perfect for cutting wood and many other types of material. The power cable represents the only limitation. So, to power it, you will need to have an outlet or extension on hand.

This saw is equipped with a non-slip and ergonomic handle. It can be easily gripped with two hands. It is a tool that all DIY lovers should own in their tool kit.

It may not be as precise as a circular saw, or jigsaw but its full scope makes it useful for a lot of jobs.


  • Easy to use
  • Non-slip and ergonomic handle
  • Powerful
  • Available for all DIY cutting works


  • Only one blade supplied by the manufacturer

Best Battery: Bosch CRS180B Reciprocating Saw

The Bosch CRS180B reciprocating saw allows you to cut branches and pieces of wood effortlessly, thanks to the powerful motor and lithium battery supplied.

The charging is very fast, so that you know that your saw will always be ready when you need it.

This saw is equipped with the patented Bosch SDS technology, with which it will be possible to change the blade safely and quickly in a few seconds, without having to use other external tools.

The saw has an orbital function, which is to select the speed of the blade and adapt it to a wide range of materials to meet your cutting needs. Furthermore, it is equipped with new lithium-ion batteries, which allow you to use the tool for hours without ever seeing a drop in performance, even when the charge is nearing the end of its life.


  • High-quality Lithium battery for hours of use
  • Easy to handle and operate
  • Quick blade change ability
  • Premium and innovative design


  • No case included

Most Reviewed: WORX WX550L Reciprocating Saw

For the last review, we dealt with a multifunction electric reciprocating saw for hobby use, namely the WORX WX550L reciprocating saw. It is generally a versatile tool with compact dimensions, which has numerous strengths, including different cutting options, portability, and secure handling.

Its design is slightly elongated, which makes it even more balanced in weight than other cheap products.

Despite its size and the fact that it is a tool aimed at a hobbyist, this unit has a relatively powerful 20-volt motor. Its power is given by the long electric cable. The product offers an adjustable oscillation interval between 500 and 3000 per minute.


  • Low price
  • Fast blade change
  • High efficiency and compactness


  • Only suitable for DIY tasks

How to Choose the Best Reciprocating Saw

Power and Speed

You will most likely need to purchase a powerful and fast appliance if you plan to use the reciprocating saw for renovations and demolitions. In this case, your only alternative falls in the saws with a power supply of above 500 watts.

Wireless devices lose the comparison in terms of power, even if they are easier to carry around.

However, thanks to the integration of the new and powerful rechargeable lithium battery, most of the models can be powerful and speedy as of recently.

Quick Blade Change

The adapter for changing the blade is one of the most critical elements of a reciprocating saw. If it is not of excellent quality, it is the first component that you will find yourself replacing on your tool.

If you choose to buy a durable tool, check that the most sensitive parts, just like the adapter, are made of metal.

Comfort and Maneuverability

Comfort and maneuverability are essential considerations when deciding to brandish a brand new reciprocating saw for a few hours during operations or even occasionally. If you work in high places, a light saw can reduce your effort while working.

Since corded saws do not have a battery, they may be lighter than wireless counterparts, but the length of the cable may delay or stop maneuverability.

Consider the place where you will have to work and analyze all aspects.

Battery Voltage and Amperage

Whatever the unit you decide to buy, with or without wire, you must remember that the higher the voltage or the amperage is, it’s usually better. In some cases, users prefer to have less powerful and lighter batteries. It all depends on your needs.

It is not said that a more powerful battery is always the best. If you work with this tool all day, the difference of a few hundred grams can be decisive for fatigue.

However, if you have to do more demanding jobs, you will need a powerful tool and won’t worry too much about its weight. Most of the reciprocating saws that are wired have power between 4 amps and 16 amps.

The most popular wireless versions on the market are 18, 24, or 36 watts. If you decide to buy a cordless tool, opt for a lithium battery. They are more powerful and last longer.

FAQs About Buying The Best Reciprocating Saw

What weight is appropriate for a reciprocating saw?

There are numerous sizes and weights for a reciprocating saw on the market. The ideal weight is from 4 to 5 pounds. Otherwise, it becomes a little uncomfortable to use.

Which blade size is ideal for the best reciprocating saw?

All the products on the market use the same types of blades. However, some models use proprietary modules. You will not be able to purchase any edge you want unless it is specific to the model of the tool you have purchased.

If you don’t want to have these problems, we suggest you buy a compatible tool with all the blades on the market, a so-called universal saw.

How to use the reciprocating saw comfortably?

It is not a real function, but this feature can be provided by many small design tricks that make your saw more comfortable to use in general terms. For example, a saw that allows you to change the blade more quickly is more convenient to use for those who frequently use this tool.

When the blades wear quickly, especially when cutting particularly hard materials and can be changed quickly and without tools, it is fundamental for some users. Another convenience can be provided by a wide range of blades available in the package.

There are several blades on the market, some useful for wood, others for metal. It is better to buy them together.

Finding The Best Reciprocating Saw – Bottom Line

As you will understand from our guide, buying the best reciprocating saw is not as simple an operation as one might have thought.

But it is a process that, if carried out carefully, taking into consideration all the elements and reciprocating saw reviews listed above, will lead you to the purchase of your ideal tool.

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