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Best Drill Press Table – Rated & Reviewed (2021)

Best Drill Press Table – Rated & Reviewed – In some cases the table that comes with a drill press is too small, and doesn’t have enough space or functions to suit your needs. When this occurs you need to look for a good drill press table to buy separately.

These aren’t as easy to come by as you might imagine as there are plenty of subpar models out there.

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In this guide we will take you through all of the things you need to consider before buying a drill press table, we will also give you a brief overview of some of the top models according to our in-depth research.

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Those of you who have worked in a wood work-shop before will know well that drill press tables can be incredibly useful, especially the ones that are specialized to suit a certain type of task. The best drill press table can make your work faster, easier, and even more efficient.

The idea behind this product is to replace the table that comes stock on the drill press with something that has far more capability.

You have to find a balance between too big and too small so that it’s not too bulky, and doesn’t get in the way when you’re trying to drill a hole in something. Without wasting any more time let’s get into the top 3 picks.

Best Drill Press Table – Top 3 Picks Reviewed and Rated in 2021

#1 WEN DPA2412T Drill Press Table

Ideally, a drill press table will make your work easier to do, and more efficient, and fortunately the WEN DPA2412T does just that. It will give you a broader space to work with, and allow you to be more precise.

This drill press table is 12 by 24 inches, or 275 square inches, so it’s fairly large and should suit just about any kind of job you can think of. It’s one inch thick, so it is certainly strong enough to handle the work.

The design of this drill press table is such that it will fit any drill press between 5 and 16 inches, although for the WEN drill presses, it will fit all of them. This table has an adjustable fence, onboard rulers for precision, and a fence stop block.

Overall this is the top pick on this list because of its great features. It also comes with a two-year warranty for your piece of mind.

#2 Woodstock D4033 Drill Press Table

The Woodstock D4033 Drill Press Table is another good option if you’re looking for a high-quality table for your drill press. This table is slightly smaller than the WEN DPA2412T, at 23-3/4 x 11-7/8 inches.

Although despite this slightly smaller size it is still big enough to make your work area bigger, and therefore more efficient. This table would be the perfect addition to your workshop, and will not break the bank.

Like the WEN DPA2412T this drill press table also comes with a warranty, however, it is only for one year, so it’s not the best deal out there in this regard.

This table includes two universal table clamps for maximum versatility, it also has a 3 inch high fence which is about average for this kind of product. Overall this is a great option and isn’t too expensive for you whether you’re a hobbyist or professional.

#3 Grizzly H7827 Drill Press Table

Last on our list of the best drill press tables is the Grizzly H7827 Drill Press Table. Despite this item coming in at spot number 3 on our list, it is still a perfectly good choice.

The Grizzly H7827 size is the same as the Woodstock D4033, at 23-3/4 inches by 11-7/8 inches. Like the Woodstock D4033 it also has a 3 inch fence and stop block. This feature allows for greatly increased accuracy.

This item will fit all of the standard tables you come across on common drill presses, besides it also includes two universal fitting table clamps.

Both the fence and the stop block on this table slide through t slots which allow for a firm and secure grip.

Features to Consider When Buying the Best Drill Press Table

drill press table

After you’ve become sure you need a bigger drill press table than the one that comes stock with your drill press, next you need to figure out which features matter to you in choosing the best table to suit your needs.

To help you with this, follow the guide below.

#1 Size

As you should know after reading the reviews above, the size of the drill press table refers to its width and length of it. The size is a primary factor to consider because it is the main reason why people are looking for an after-market drill press table in the first place.

The standard size is 24 by 12 inches, however there are larger and smaller options available. In reality, anything that is over 20×10 inches should be perfectly adequate for most people’s needs. If you have some unique use-case where you need something bigger you will know this, and shop accordingly.

#2 T-Slots or T-Tracks

After reading the 3 reviews that we have listed above you should now understand that a t-slot is a slot on the worktable which runs from one side of the table to the other.

It allows you to firmly attach various different accessories you might need while drilling. These accessories include fences, clamps, and more. Some people claim that T-tracks perform better and are more sturdy than T-slots, however, both are perfectly fine for most types of work.

#3 Fence

The fence is an important part of any good work table. Unless you have a specific usage requirement that means you don’t need a table with a fence, it is highly recommended you opt for one with a fence.

The fence can be made from either steel, aluminum, or wood, but the material it is made from is not too important. The main thing to consider about the table’s fence is that it should be adjustable.

#4 Clamps for T-slots or T-tracks

After you’ve purchased yourself a nice big drill press table you will want some extra methods of clamping down work-pieces to the table. This is where hold-down clamps come into play.

Often you can buy hold-down clamps that fit perfectly into the T-tracks of your table. Using these clamps with the T-track or T-slot system is much more efficient than using traditional C-clamps, or G-clamps.

#5 Finish Quality

If you care about the appearance of your workshop then you will care about the finish quality of your table.

Most tables are built out of wood, and have a laminated finish which makes it smooth to work on. But, another benefit of the laminate finish is that it is quite attractive to look at.

#6 Throat Plate

A throat plate is a part that comes with some tables that prevents you from needing to change the entire top of the table. It is interchangeable with a variety of models, and can be replaced easily.

The idea is to use it for a while then eventually switch it out for a new one if it becomes damaged.

Best Drill Press Table – Final Thoughts

In conclusion, after reading through this guide to buying the best drill press table you should be well aware of all the different options that are on the market. This includes wooden tables, metal tables, big and small tables, and much more.

Which type you will specifically need for your work depends entirely on the sort of jobs that you’re using your drill press for. Hopefully though, after reading through this guide you have some insight into what type you need.

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