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Shopping for a good tool box can seem like a really difficult task. So if you’re confused that’s understandable, but in this guide we’re going to show you the best tool boxes available on the market. If you know what you’re looking for when it comes to buying a tool box simply browse through our list of options. If you’re not too sure what you need to consider before you buy, check out our buyer’s guide to go over the key points you need to consider.



Best Tool Box – Top 5 Picks

In this list below we take an in depth look at the top 5 best tool box reviews. These reviews are designed to help you get good value for your money by providing you with all the details you need to know to make a well informed buying decision. The reviews are aimed at professionals as well as amateurs and hobbyists.

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DEWALT DWST17806 Tstak Tool Box

This tool box from DEWALT is a great choice for someone who needs to store both small and medium sized tools. This tool box has a removable tray that is perfect for holding small tools, and the likes of sockets, however a socket organizer should also be used. This tool box is a flexible platform that allows for many different combinations, such as stacking the units on top of each other in whichever order you want. The interior tray of this tool box is also removable, this is a handy feature to have without a doubt. This tool box weighs in at about 44 lbs, so it’s reasonably light weight despite being a very solidly built piece of gear. Speaking of solidly built, the latches and hinges are heavy duty and constructed from metal, so unlike cheaper options these aren’t going to break and spill your tool every where! The main drawback of the DEWALT Tstak tool box is that it may not be large enough to carry your bigger tools. But overall this is our top pick because of it’s high quality and durable construction.



Stalwart Rolling Tool Box

This Stalwart rolling tool box is a unique design, although it falls short in a few important areas, it does have some useful features that are noteworthy enough to make this a contender for the best tool box. This tool box allows you to work on the go, it has to 4 inch nylon wheels and a fold down handle so you can easily take your tools from job site to job site. The Stalwart rolling tool box is fantastic for storing small parts, as it has a total of 24 small parts compartments to store things in. It also has two tool tray that are removable, and a large bottom compartment to fit all the bigger tools in.

This tool box has an extremely rugged design – it’s made out of polypropylene and metal which is designed to keep your tools safe while moving through harsh conditions, and constructions sites etc. Another cool feature this tool box has is built in cable hooks so that you don’t need to worry about extension cords getting tangled, or they can be used to hold tape or similar. Overall this is a good tool box, but may not be for everyone due to its bulky design.



Stack-On Multi-Purpose Steel Tool Box

The Stack-On Multi-Purpose steel tool box is a slick looking 16 inch black tool box. It is surely one of the best looking tool boxes on this list. It is also rust resistant so it should stay looking this way, even after being exposed to the outdoor elements for long periods of time. Although this tool box looks nice, it is more than just pretty looks! It has some great features including ample storage capacity which is perfect for storing smaller to medium sized tools.

But for a start there are a few minor gripes that some consumers have. Let’s take a look at these before we get onto the pros. Some people who bought this tool box have noted that it can often arrive with dents in it due to poor packaging and shipping. And as this is a budget option it’s not surprising that some people note that the plastic tray is pretty poor quality.

Enough with the problems anyway, here are some of the good points that make this tool box a decent option for the price. It is constructed from rugged steel, which provides rigidity and strength, so this tool box should last for a long time and a lot of hard use. It can take heavy loads as the draw bolts are made from high quality steel, which is nickel plated. The finish on the outside coating of this tool box is durable and rust resistant as it has got a baked epoxy layer. Overall this tool box is a pretty good option, despite its minor drawbacks.



OEMTOOLS 22179 Tool Box

The OEMTOOLS 22179 19″ Tool Box is a nice budget option for both professionals, and usage around the household. It is fairly lightweight so that can be a good thing or a bad thing. But despite it being fairly light weight, it still has a solid construction that will stand up to the test of time. It has solid metal latches for secure and easy storage. And like the other options on this list it also has a removable tool tray, this one is perfect for storage and organization of small parts like screws, or nuts.

If you’re carrying your tool box around from job site to job site you need it to be ergonomic. Fortunately in this department this tool box excels, as it has a highly ergonomic handle. Overall this is a good choice if you’re after a lightweight option that won’t break the bank.



Homak 20-Inch Steel Flat-Top Toolbox

The Homak 20-Inch Steel Flat-Top Toolbox is well built and has a durable construction that will resist rust, as well as damage from tools and around the work site. It comes in two colors, either red or black for a more plain look. To ensure that you don’t spill your tools everywhere it has a double clasp locking system. It has an internal removable tray which is great for organizing and storing your tools, it’s also made from durable steel so you know that it will last.

The design of this tool box is made in such a way that it can be padlocked for security – this is actually a crucial feature if you’re working in a busy job site with many people around. This tool box is great for small to medium sized tools as its dimensions are 8.5 x 20 x 9 inches, and it weighs in at about 11.5 lbs – so it is not particularly lightweight. All in all, this is a decent tool box and well worth the price.




Overall the DEWALT TSTAK comes in at the number one position, by providing the best value for the money. It comes with a deep tool box, plenty of storage, and a good removable tray. If you’re after a rolling tool box then the Stalwart is probably the best choice. Hopefully our reviews and buyer’s guide have helped you fill in any gap in knowledge that you had about finding the best tool box.

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