Best Staple Gun – Top Models Reviewed & Rated (2021)

The staple gun is a hand tool for stapling, and in fact this tool is not limited to just stapling paper like some might have thought. A good staple gun can put staples into a variety of different materials like plastic, and wood. The staple  gun comes in a wide array of different styles, models, and designs. They could be manual, electric, or pneumatic.

Choosing the best staple gun is crucial to being able to get your job done well, and also crucial to being able to get it done efficiently. The choice of which model is best for you should boil down to what your use for it is, your budget, and some other factors that we will address later on. We’ve created a list of the top staple gun reviews so that it can make the buying process a little easier for you.



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Best Staple Gun – Our Top Picks

Below we have some reviews that are designed to help you narrow down your options when it comes to picking the right staple gun. Hopefully after reading through this list your decision will be a lot easier. If you still need more information check out the buyer’s guide at the bottom of this article.


Porter-Cable US58 Staple Gun

This staple gun weighs 1.8 pounds, so it’s pretty light. But not only is it lightweight it’s also pretty small in size. This is a great staple gun, and it’s perfect for DIY and home projects such as upholstery. It isn’t designed for more heavy duty uses like on construction sites for instance. This is a pneumatic staple gun, which combined with the low size and weight makes this nice and easy to use regardless of your age or experience.

The staple sizes for this are 22 Gauge and range from 0.25 of an inch, to 5/8 of an inch. These particular staples are good because they can easily be used for a wide variety of different projects and materials (wood, plastic, etc). So that you can get into difficult to reach areas this particular model has a 1 inch extension for the nose. The magazine on the US58 can hold up to 185 staples in total.

Since this is a pneumatic staple gun it does need an air pressure of up to 120 PSI, so it will work with most of the air compressors that are available. Consumers have been quick to point out that it doesn’t have a nose safety, therefore you should exercise caution when using this staple gun. In conclusion this is great staple gun, it’s small and yet high performance. And, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to buy.



Makita XTS01Z 18V LXT Crown Stapler

This electric staple gun from Makita is another all-around great option. The XTS01Z is significantly more effective than a manual machine. It gets your work done efficiently and easily, a simple push of the trigger is all you need to drive staples into various materials. When you’re using the Makita XTS01Z you will notice there’s no excessive pulling of the trigger required like there is with manual staple gun – this makes it easier to work for longer periods of time without becoming tired.

One great thing about this staple gun is its ability to staple a variety of different materials, irrespective how tough they are. The motor provides plenty of power so you can drive in 3/8 crown staples with ease, and also flat crown staples. The Makita XTS01Z features a depth control system which is a knob that allows you to easily adjust it such that you do not damage thinner materials. It also has an anti-jamming mechanism to ensure smooth operations without the need to get it unstuck.

Overall this is a very good model owing to the fact that it is a high performance tool able to drive staples into many different materials and surfaces. There’s very little in the way of your hand becoming tired, so if you want to work for long hours with this tool you will be fine. The grip on this staple gun is ergonomic as well, it’s also coated in rubber to make it easier to grip. The only downside which some consumers complain about is that it can be a bit noisy. This model is also reasonably well priced.



Hitachi N3804AB3 – Best Value Staple Gun

The Hitachi N3804AB3 is another good option for easy and efficient stapling. It is in fact a pneumatic staple gun, which means it is easy to use and you won’t have to worry about getting a tired and sore hand. It is actually one of the more comfortable tools to use, especially considering it features an ergonomic rubber grip large enough for both of your hands to fit on.

This tool is actually reasonably light as well, weighing in at 2.3 pounds. Usually similar pneumatic staplers are significantly more heavy than this one. This is a big advantage as a lighter stapler is much easier to hold for long periods of time, and move about. The only thing to be concerned with since it’s a pneumatic stapler is giving it the right PSI, usually from 70-120 PSI specifically.

The Hitachi N3804AB3 can accept staples from 0.5 to 1.5 inches, and usually uses an 18 gauge narrow crown staple. An important benefit that this model has is that its got a large magazine. It can hold up to 130 staples at once! So you will save more time as you won’t have to be refilling it often at all. This staple gun also features an easy to use depth adjustment so you can control the depth your staples go. Overall this is a good staple gun at a very reasonable price – that’s why it’s our “best value” pick.



Bostitch 651S5 Staple Gun

The Bostitch 651S5 makes stapling easy since it’s a powerful tool which is powered by air. When it comes to use manual staple guns they are tiring on your hands. Especially when you have to use them for a long period of time. Thankfully this 651S5 is pneumatic and it’s actually quite light weight at 4.2 pounds. It’s not as light as some of the other pneumatic staple guns on this list but it’s still not too bad. Most electric staple guns are even heavier in fact.

The rubber handle on this staple gun is great for making sure that you don’t lose your grip, especially if your hands become sweaty. Another benefit of the handle on this model is that there’s enough room for you to place both of your hands for increased stability while stapling. Consumers have noted that this staple gun is very durable, as it is a well made tool from a quality brand. The Bostitch 651S5 can accept 7/16 x 1 inch or 7/16 x 2 inch staple, and they’re great for larger projects.

If the 651S5 gets jammed, it’s easy to access the unit via the open nose. Overall, in our opinion this is the best heavy duty staple gun on the market. It also has a nice rapid fire feature for shooting up to 10 staples per second. As with any review we need to take a look at the cons as well. In regard to the cons, some people have complained that staples occasionally misfire, however this appears to be very uncommon.



Stanley TR150HL SharpShooter Staple Gun

If you just need a simple staple gun for jobs around the home then this is the best one for you. A manual staple gun is useful for those situations that don’t call for the power of an electric or pneumatic staple gun. The Stanley TR150HL is our top choice as far as manual staple guns go.

A common problem among staple guns is that staples can become jammed. Thankfully this staple gun from Stanley remedies this issue with an anti jamming mechanism that works quite well. Therefore you don’t need to spend any time on inconvenient problems like that. The handle of the Stanley TR150HL manual staple gun is particularly comfortable to hold onto for a product of this price range.

The TR150HL has two different power level settings, one for softer materials and one for harder surfaces. This feature makes it a particularly useful product. It works with TRA700 staples and also T50 staples, plus loading the staples is a cinch thanks to the easy slide mechanisms functionality.

Overall this is a good staple gun, and our top pick for manual staple gun. It is very durable and will live a long life provided that you take reasonably good care of it. It has a heavy duty aluminum housing which adds to its durability, it also has a limited lifetime warranty which makes this a very decent choice. As far as the cons are concerned, some consumers have complained that the TR150HL does on occasion misfire.



Types of Staple Guns

So far we have gone over the best staple guns, but if you are still unsure which is the right one for you keep reading. Here in this section we will cover the 3 main types of staple guns. Each different type has its place to be used, but you should know before you buy which type is for you. To help elucidate this we will go over what they’re each useful for.


Manual Staple Gun

The basic idea of manual staple guns is that you must generate the power required to use it, as it has no external power source (like a battery or compressed air). The advantage of this is not having to lug around an extension cord, or have a power supply nearby etc. Because of this the manual staple gun is by far the most portable style, they’re also particularly easy to load up the staples.

The primary drawback of the manual style is that you have to use your own muscle strength to fire the staples, which along with being slow is quite tiring to do for extended periods. In conclusion they are best suited to smaller jobs that are done and over with very quickly. They are also by far the cheapest compared to electric and pneumatic guns.

The ideal use of a manual staple gun is for arts and crafts, or various tasks around the home. Home decoration for example is a great use for this style of staple gun. They can be used for upholstery, but generally something more powerful is preferable for that sort of thing.


Electric Staple Gun

Electric staple guns can run on a battery or via an outlet, and this is where they primarily differ from the manual staple gun. Unlike the manual staple gun you don’t need to use your own muscles as a source of power. Using an electric staple gun for long periods of time won’t result in the same levels of fatigue as pulling the trigger is rather easy to do. This style is very simple to use and is suitable for heavy duty types of jobs. The main drawback of electric staple guns is that you always need a power supply, and they are far more expensive than their manual counterpart.

An electric staple gun is useful for home DIY projects, like the manual staple gun. But unlike the manual style they aren’t really suitable for smaller things like arts and crafts. They are better suited to more demanding tasks like upholstery or carpeting. Jobs which require repetitive stapling are greatly served by using one of these.


Pneumatic Staple Gun

For high performance the pneumatic staple gun is hands down the best option. They are far more quick and precise than manual staple gun, and also electric staple guns. They are also relatively easy to look after, and use. But there are some drawbacks that you should be aware of. For starters they make a lot of noise. And you have to consider the fact that they are much more expensive. Also, they rely on an air compressor to work, which could be inconvenient for you.

Overall they’re high performance and powerful, and best for demanding jobs that a professional might undertake. They’re not suitable for small jobs like arts and crafts projects. And they’re certainly not suitable for use by children. Leave this tool to the pros, if you need a pneumatic staple gun you will likely already know that it’s what you’re after.




Buyer’s Guide for the Best Staple Gun


At the top of our list for the factors you should consider before buying a staple gun is durability. Durability is important because you don’t want a product that will only last a few weeks of use before breaking down. We have taken durability heavily into consideration when choosing the 5 models listed above, so if you purchase one of them you can be sure that it is durable. If you’re considering an option that’s not on our list, be sure to check what materials it is made out of so you know whether it is durable or not.


Because staple guns come in a wide array of different sizes and styles it’s crucial to think about which one will be comfortable and ergonomic to use, especially if you use it as a professional for work. For those that plan to only use their staple gun on rare occasions this may not be that big of a deal for you. But certainly professionals should keep ergonomics in mind. Some staple guns fit perfectly into the hand with a comfortable rubber grip, they’re also designed to remain firm in your grip even when your hands become sweaty. The 5 models we listed in our reviews above are all at least reasonably ergonomic.

Staple Size

Depending on what materials you’re working with you will need different staples sizes. As far as manual staple guns go this isn’t that much of a concern as they all tend to shoot 0.5 inch staples.  But if you work on more serious projects using an electric or pneumatic staple gun then you must consider the size of staples you use. Particular models accept various different sizes, be sure to consider this before you buy.




We have covered the 3 main types of staple guns in great detail, and gone over the various factors that you must consider before you buy to make sure you get a good deal. There are just so many different factors to consider from ergonomics, to durability and staple size. All the options on this list have something great to offer the consumer, and have a unique profile of their own benefits and drawbacks. The market for staple guns has undergone vast growth lately, with different manufacturers all trying to produce the better tool. For the consumer this is a good thing and offers more choice for a variety of prices. Hopefully after reading through our reviews and buyer’s guide you’re now well equipped to make a buying decision.




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