Delta 18-900L 18 inch Drill Press Review

You can’t go further than the Delta 18-900L if you’re looking for a top-end drill press that has some serious power and performance.
At a large size of 18 inches, and being equipped with an advanced laser guidance crosshair guidance system this really is a top of the line model, great for for professionals but probably well out of the price range of your average hobbyist.



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  • This product features an astonishing 16 different speed settings, far more than your average DP, which will enable it to be extremely effective with a huge variety of materials.
  • Extremely nice/smooth to operate, and the auto-tensioning belt drive system saves time between speed changes and ensures consistent belt tension and motor alignment.
  • This model has a brilliant reputation among discerning consumers, and remains a favorite for professionals. Delta is also considered a highly reputable brand for their high quality equipment.
  • Versatile over-sized working table with a unique patented design.
  • The package also contains a great user manual.



  •  16 drilling speeds from 170 RPM – 3000 RPM
  •  Best capacity in class, with 6 inch quill stroke it can accommodate deeper drilling applications
  •  Comes with built in micro adjustable depth stops, and depth scale. With this you can set it up for repeat drilling easily and with great precision.
  •  Adjustable laser crosshair guidance, for accurate drilling.
  •  3/4 Horsepower induction motor
  •  product weighs 261 lb


Here’s a helpful assembly and unboxing video:



In conclusion if you’re a professional seeking the best equipment for your workshop you should not overlook the 18-900L. And even if you’re just a hobbyist but have a decent budget for high-end gear this could be a great tool for your workshop. Granted most will go for something slightly more affordable that has decent features, but if you want to go all out on quality, performance, smoothness etc this tool is a great bet.

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