3 Best Tool Chest Drawer Liner Options

3 Best Tool Chest Drawer Liner Options

Best Tool Chest Drawer Liner: Have you ever experienced yourself scrambling through your messy tool chest for minutes trying to find that one tool or socket that you need?

Then you need some tool chest drawer liners. A tool chest liner can save you from ever having to go through the frustrating experience of looking for tools in a messy tool chest again, and you also won’t have to put up with that annoying scraping noise any longer!

I found this one to be the best on the market.

The best tool chest drawer liner needs to be perfect for your drawer depth but also be easy to clean and soft enough to protect your tools. Here are our top recommendations for the best tool chest drawer liner options.

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Best Tool Chest Drawer Liner – Top 3 recommendations

Here in this guide, we’re going to take a close look at the top 3 best tool chest drawer liners.

These are useful whether you’re a carpenter, engineer, or just a handyperson. You may also want to use a drawer liner for things other than a tool chest.

Most people don’t stop to consider getting a liner for the inside of their tool chests, but a good tool chest drawer liner has several benefits that make it worth getting.

They can even reduce the amount of grease and dirt that forms in the bottom of the tool chest drawer.

We present to you our top 3 picks, which include one for each different use case.

#1: High Grip Tool Chest Drawer Liner by Mod-Box

This high grip drawer liner by Mod-Box is easily capable of covering 6 drawers per roll. The liner itself is 1/10 of an inch thick made from vinyl foam. It has a slightly sticky surface designed to prevent tools from sliding about, but it is also resistant to dirt and grease.

The surface of this drawer liner can easily be cleaned, you can wash or wipe the surface using a damp cloth to remove any excess debris from this drawer.

People who’ve bought this tool chest drawer liner tend to be quite pleased with how the liner stands up to the test of time, as it’s a fairly durable material. Many people also noted that it is quite easy to cut into the shape you need to be to fit your drawers.

Also noted was the fact that it does a great job at keeping tools in their place as they tend to cause an indentation from their weight where they will sit.

When you’re using a stationary tool chest you can open and close it rapidly without any risk of moving the contents of the drawers out of place. Your sockets and pliers will be just where you left them, and you won’t have to reorganize all the time.

Some people have noted that at first the liner can seem to sticky, though it usually settles down and subsides to a reasonable amount of stickiness after some use.

Some users also noted that the thickness is not enough, but most people should be satisfied with the thickness at 1/10 of an inch. 1/10 of an inch provides adequate softness while also not being so bulky that it takes up to much space.

#2: B&C Tool Chest Drawer Liner

The B&C tool chest drawer liner is surely one of the best on the market, particularly for heavy-duty tool liners. It is a foam mat that can easily be modified and cut to suit whatever shape you need.

It is about 3/16 of an inch thick, so it is at the thicker end of the scale as far as most drawer liners go.

Unlike the Mod-Box drawer liner, this liner from B&C is not sticky and is nonadhesive. This allows you to easily reposition tools without the liner sliding around, however they may not stay in place as well as with the Mod-Box liner.

That is why this tool chest drawer liner is ranked at number 2 on our list. This liner also protects against dirt, bacteria, grease and it is resistant to being wrinkled. It can easily be wiped clean with a damp cloth if it becomes dirty.

Many owners of this drawer liner claim that it is by far the best lining material that they’ve used, claiming also that it doesn’t slide around annoyingly in ways which previous drawer liners they used had.

This tool chest drawer liner is made from a material that is heavier in weight than the other options on this list. This can be great in regards to keeping tools fixed in place.

The main con of this drawer liner is how thick it is. If your tool chest has limited drawer space you might want to opt for something not quite as thick.

#3: EPPCO Enterprises 1864 Tool Box Liner

The 1864 Toolbox drawer liner is a simple no-nonsense option that ticks all the boxes. It is made of nonslip material to keep your tools secure in their right spot. It is 0.08 inches thick, which is the thinnest drawer liner on this list. But it is still thick enough to adequately protect your tools and line the inside of your tool box or tool chest.

This drawer liner is resistant to dirty, grease, and bacteria – it’s also very easy to clean. To clean it all you need to do is apply a damp cloth and wipe is down.

This liner will hold up against the test of time and remain useful for years to come. It’s actually available in three sizes, 12 inch, 18 inches and 24 inches. It easily fits most tool chests but can be cut to the perfect fit using a knife.

As far as the stickiness of this liner goes, it is tacky enough to hold tools and sockets in place, but it isn’t so sticky that it will collect dirt and other debris.

Numerous customers have reported that after years of use it has no signs of wear. So you can be sure that this drawer liner is high quality.


Final Thoughts on choosing a Good Tool Chest Drawer Liner

Looking over our top 3 favorite tool chest drawer liners it’s clear that there is no specific winner. Rather there is a good liner for each different use case that you might have.

There’s a number of factors to keep in mind when considering which one is right for you. For example, how much space you have determines how deep/thick you want the liner material to be.

Overall our top recommendation for most consumers is the Mod-Box liner. If you’re still deciding on what type of storage you want, it’s a good idea to buy the drawer liner afterward as it might have specific size requirements.

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