Best Pruning Saw Reviews – Pruning Saw Buyer’s Guide (2021)

best pruning sawDo the trees in your garden or backyard look neglected? Then it’s high time you get a pruning saw. A pruning saw is a tool used to keep trees in the right shape. Since the trees do not need a permit to grow branches, they go all-wild in the length and positioning. Now, it’s your job to maintain them and give them a clean, refreshing look. So you don’t feel like shrieking when you look at them. That’s where the best pruning saw comes into use, here we will go over the top 5 options to help you choose.


Top 5 Best Pruning Saws in 2021 – Our Top Picks

Below we have listed and reviewed the best pruning saw for your needs. The reviews below are designed to simplify the decision making process that is required to buy a good tool. We will start by going over the top 5 models, and then move onto a buyer’s guide which contains useful information that you might not have considered at first.

#1. Silky F180 Folding Saw

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The professional Silky F180 is among the cheapest pruning saws. However, it offers the perfect build quality and performance. The overall weight of the product is 0.4 lbs so that you don’t get exhausted only by holding it. This specification, along with its fold-ability makes the saw quite convenient to carry and store.

With a length of 7 inches and a thickness of 1.4 mm, the blade offers a cut capacity of about 3.6 inches. Since it’s the Japanese style, it cuts on the pull stroke. The blade is slightly curved to give an edge to the user, but it’s moderate and so prominent. So you get something in between a curve and a straight saw.

Along with a 6.5 TPI, the blade has been impulse-hardened, making it super sharp. However, this feature makes it difficult to sharpen the edge with a regular file. You can use this versatile Pruning saw in your lawns and gardens as well as for hunting. It is efficient in booth pruning and trimming. However, its large teeth size restricts you from using them on the hardwood.

• Affordable
• Sharp and quick
• Portable and easy to store
• Durable and comfortable rubber handle

• Single connection point along with thinness reduces durability


#2. Corona RazorTOOTH Folding Pruning Saw

The Corona RazorTOOTH offers the best value for your money. Its sharp and curved blade allows for the smoothest cuts at a very affordable price.
You can safely fold the razor into the handle to ensure safety when not in use. This feature prevents accidents to a greater extent. However, this feature assigns a flaw to the model. Due to frequent opening and closing of the blade, it loosens and leaves its place.

When the blade is wide open, it extends to up to 10 inches. The impulse-hardened, extra-sharp, three-sided razor is super useful for a log as full as 6 inches. You’ll enjoy the feel of the blade cutting the wood, making you want to keep doing it. Moreover, the rubber handle is a pro feature, which offers a comfortable, firm grip. Its durable build does not quickly wear away.

• Firm and comfortable handle
• Super sharp razor teeth
• Foldable blade
• lightweight

• Weak connection point


#3. Tarvol Heavy-Duty 14-Inch Pruning Saw

This curved blade product assures unparalleled smoothness and effortlessness for cutting and trimming the rigid branches. Curved blades are ultimately known to serve a heavy-duty. Tarvol is making a mark with this absolute beauty in the market.

This Japanese-styled pruning hand saw can cut wood as smooth as bread. Its sharp and two-way tooth design makes it efficient and gives maximum results from the minimum efforts. It can cut branches having a thickness of up to 8-INCHES!!

This product is designed to keep the safety of the user as a priority. The blades are a perfect blend of thick and thin. They don’t slew even on aggressive flings. The pistol grip commits to provide an excellent balance, a more confident and also cut.

One thing that is a total showstopper for the Tarvol’s is their scabbard. The sheath has the perfect storage for the saw, which gives it enough space and safety. The blades are well fit into the ergonomic cushioned handle and ensure a risk-free duty.

This product is perfect for landscape pruning – shrubs, plants, trees included. Apart from their amazing products, the Travol are always making sure for a smooth customer experience. This feature is the reason why they have provided a lifetime guarantee to this product.

• Perfect sharpness for cutting landscape
• Provide a perfect balance
• Its colour makes it easy to find if lost
• No slipping
• Two-way teeth offer maximum results

• The handle is slightly hard and slippery to hold
• Difficult to remove from the sheath


#4. Silky BIGBOY 2000

BIGBOY 2000 is a Versatile and foldable pruning saw with a curved blade for faster cutting. The module is 14-1/5-inch in size for better outreach. This equipment comes with a unique low angle curve. This curve promises a better, smoother, and faster cutting experience. The whole design is ideal for reducing the size of more bulky and heavy goods. This low curve is exceptionally balanced and strengthened.

The blades of the BIGBOY are hard chrome plated. This design prevents corrosion and wearing off along with less friction. The taper-ground edge is impulse hardened that ultimately means the teeth of the module are three times harder. The non-slippery and two-handed grip are effective even in complicated operations. It is not just suitable for Pruning, but also for cutting green, dry, and hardwoods. It is manufactured in Japan and comes in a blister pack.

The BIGBOY comes in a variety of sizes and colors. The following are the available sizes: 5.5 TPI, 6 TPI, 8.5 TPI, and 11 TPI. Silky has a unique way of indicating the teeth configuration. The yellow of the BIGBOY indicates extra-large teeth.

• Light Weight
• Durable
• It is easy to locate due to its bright handle colour
• Easy folding and unfolding

• Dangerously sharp


#5. Silky F180 Handsaw with Replacement Blade

This other F180 model by Silky is a lightweight, and ergonomic Pruning saw. Due to the Japanese-styling, the saw features a three-sided razor design based on high-quality steel. It cuts on the pull stroke, which requires less energy but creates clean and smooth cuts.

In its entirety, the blade measures about 7-inch in length and 1.4mm in width. They together offer a cut capacity of up to 3.6-inches. Moreover, this model comes with an extra, replaceable blade in case the one in use breaks. Its dual-position locking system ensures the safety of use, reducing the chances of breaking or loosening the blade during use.

The foldable design lets you securely put the blade away when not in use. It saves you from a lot of off-job accidents. Its rubber-made handle offers a solid firm grip, which further enhances the value of the product. Besides Pruning, you can use this versatile saw for hunting, gardening, and other similar outdoor activities.

• Firm grip
• Can be folded
• Forms sharp and smooth cuts
• Dual-point locking system

• Cannot be sharpened with a regular file



Buying Guide

If you decide to buy a pruning saw without complete research, be ready to spend hours in a brick and mortar store or online. A pruning saw comes in different forms with a variety of features, but one entire unit targets a specific need. So you must determine and analyze your needs before laying hands on any pruning saw. To know all of these in detail and help you with the purchase decision, we have compiled a complete guide for you.


Types of Pruning Saws

Pole Runner

Pole pruners have a pole attached to them, which increases their length, enabling them to reach out to farther or deeper branches. Their increased length, however, decreases the cutting power, which means you might have to work a little longer with this type of saw. To compensate for lower cutting power the saw features stronger and sharper jaws. You have to muse over this saw because it’s not convenient to handle a heavyweight for a long time along with applying power on the saw to deal with the task at hand.


Handheld Pruning Saw

A handheld pruning is the most widely used type of pruning saw. You can use it for all your indoor and outdoor plants. Sawing a thick branch with this might take some time, but it will do the work. Moreover, its small size makes it portable and easy to store.


Straight-Blade Pruning Saw

Straight blade pruning saws have an uncanny resemblance with pistols. Their straight blade and curved regular-sized handles give the viewer the ideas of a pistol in the first glance. The shape of the handle offers a better and comfortable grip, which eases the overall task. These saws are effective for sawing greenwood and sap.

Curved-Blade Pruning Saw

As the name implies, this type of Pruning saw features a curved blade. It is usually used for grunt work because of its tough, curved blade, which makes the task easier. It can be used for all types of branches if you are comfortable enough. Due to its shape, a lot of users find it unusual to cut larger branches with it.

Types of Blade

Blades on pruning saws vary in terms like thickness, quality, teeth count, and shape. When it comes to thickness, don’t choose anything thinner than 1.5mm. That’s the least efficient thickness you can have. If you go lower, you’ll lose performance quality. Blades thinner than that are also prone to breakage regardless of how easy task you give their way.

The teeth count is another important factor. Ruing saws with a higher teeth count will make a slow, but precise cut. However, with a lower teeth count, you’ll enjoy the quickness, but lack precision. You may also check the configuration of the teeth. Some of them are dual-sided while most of the others are three-sided. A three-sided razor design is a Japanese style that cuts on the pull stroke. It requires less energy and creates cleaners cuts quickly.


Overall Build Quality

The most critical part of buying a pruning is the checking of its build quality. This factor will ensure better performance and durability. No, a better quality does not require you to empty your bank, and you can get good quality at a very affordable rate. However, the difficult part is to sort the few good ones from the many subpar. You can use two factors for the differentiation:
• Quality of handle
• Number of connection points
It is important to check the quality of the handle; whether it’s of a good hybrid or a cheap plastic. If your handle breaks midway, the blade becomes useless. That’s why having a good quality handle is essential if you plan to use the saw over long-term.
Moreover, some handles have one while others have more nuts, connecting the blade to them. The ones with more connection points last longer than the other type, which is more prone to breakage.


Additional Features

Some pruning saws also feature side items along with the main course. One such example is a quality sheath. It’s one of the factors that buyers do not notice much, but it can make a big difference in your pruning experience. You can easily hang the saw on your belt to get both your hands-free for handling the cutting-stock. It’s quite safer and more convenient than the fold-able saw. With a fold-able saw, there is a high chance of the blade coming loose due to the constant movement.




All the mentioned pruning saws are amazing and can be completely reliable. However, the best pick for your money is the Corona RazorTOOTH folding Pruning Saw. Its smooth and sharp blades create the perfect cut. If you are looking for something cheaper, then the Silky F180 Folding Saw is a nice choice. It not only gives you price leverage but also ensures uncompromising performance. Its ergonomic handle will give you better control and cutting power.


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